What do you do if you’re travelling from an Amber list or a Green list country? What are the rules if you’re fully vaccinated or not? What is Day 2 Day 8? These are frequent questions you might ask before booking your flight ticket. The UK govt has created categories that are RED, GREEN and AMBER based on which RT-PCR test requirements and degree of quarantine will be determined for the passengers entering the UK.

Most of us have heard of people getting severely affected by Covid-19, but have you heard of something called post-Covid-19 syndrome? These are nothing but the ‘Long Haulers’ on long-term effects of Covid-19.Most people affected by Covid-19 recover within a few weeks, but some people even those who have had mild versions of the disease tend to continue to have symptoms even after the initial recovery.

Regular and widespread Covid testing will not only prevent the spread of infection but will also be an effective means to get our lives back to normal. Testing allows us to identify people who are in need of assistance. The COVID-19 test result will help your healthcare provider to make informed decisions about you care and protection.


Today, Covid-19 vaccines have become one of the most important things in life. The administration of a vaccine is to help the immune system develop protection from a disease. But before taking the vaccine you might be asking yourself a few questions.Are all vaccines 100% effective? What are the chances of getting infected by COVID-19 after getting the vaccine? Are there side effects for the vaccine and what are the side effects?

is a new strain of Covid-19 that is causing concern in most parts of the world. It is known to replicate itself faster and hide from our immune system. It is also highly transmissible, contagious, causes severe disease, hospitalization and in worst case scenarios death. Currently the Covid-19 Delta Variant is making up the largest number of cases in the UK and in the US it is making more than 50% of the cases.

Rapid Antigen Testing is affordable and rapid testing that helps you detect the presence of Covid-19 in your body. It looks for proteins produced by the virus called antigens. People can test themselves before travel and carry the Antigen test kit during travel and test themselves after reaching the convenience of their homes rather than relying on getting tested at a center.


This pandemic has made us all so anxious and we are on a constant lookout for ways to keep ourselves fit and healthy during these bizzare times. It can also be very difficult to keep up with your fitness regime when there are so many things on your mind! It’s easy to make excuses, but if you want to stay healthy and fit during this pandemic, don’t worry! Here are some tips for you…


There are three types of tests for detecting Covid-19, RT-PCR, Antigen, and Antibody testing. P RT-PCR tests and Antigen tests detect if you are currently infected by the Virus, whereas Antibody tests detect if you have ever been infected by the virus in the past.


The earlier rules had different travel requirements for Green, Amber, and Red list countries, but since Oct 4th UK government has decided to replace it with a two-tier travel system which means that Green and Amber list countries were merged with green and termed as low-risk nations. The travel restrictions for these nations will be eased. This also includes travelers who are fully vaccinated.

Ever since C0vid-19 things have changed drastically, and now planning a trip to the UK would need you to jot down a few more important things such as testing requirements, vaccination, quarantine, etc. To prevent any hassles during traveling we have compiled a Checklist for you to keep in mind before booking your flight to the UK. 

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