Delta Variant: 6 Important questions
about the Covid-19 strain

  • What is Delta Variant? Where was the Covid-19 Delta Variant first discovered?

Delta Variant is a new strain of Covid-19 that is causing concern in most parts of the world. It was first observed in India in December 2020 and within a matter of months this variant spread to 98 countries around the world and became a dominant variant. It accounts for more than 80% of cases in most countries. 

  • What makes Delta such a threat? 

The Delta Variant is highly transmissible, contagious, causes severe disease, hospitalization and in worst case scenarios death. It has also been observed that people become sicker quicker, especially younger people. It is known to replicate itself faster and hide from our immune system.  Communities in rural areas that do not have access to proper health care and medical facilities to treat this variant is what we really need to be worried about. 

  • Why is the COVID-19 delta variant worse than other strains?

The Covid-19 Delta Variant is little different from the original Covid -19 as it is more transmissible or communicable and that is what is truly concerning. The original Alpha variant that was first observed in the UK was comparatively less contagious. This Delta Variant is present in more than 80% of the cases in most countries and in terms of hospitalization of individuals with severe disease it has been up to about 99% attributed to the Delta Variant. 

  • Can you catch a Delta Variant after vaccination?

Even before the Delta Variant arrived, vaccines were never considered 100% effective. But vaccinated people are definitely at a lower risk from developing severe diseases and even if they do, they can recover quickly. 

Variants are smart and always evolving and vaccination helps prevent these new variants from getting smarter. Vaccination slows down the spread of new variants and hence it is important to get vaccinated. Health experts state that most of the patients hospitalized with Delta Variant are not vaccinated and areas with lower vaccination rates tend to have higher infection rates. 

  • Is the Delta Variant in the United Kingdom?

Yes, currently the Covid-19 Delta Variant is making up the largest number of cases in the UK and in the US it is making more than 50% of the cases. There were about 75,953 cases of the Delta Variant as of 16th June as compared to 42,323 the previous week which was reported by BBC news. 

  • What kind of precautions should a person take knowing that the Delta Variant is a threat?

Firstly, you must understand if you stay calm and take the necessary precautions there is nothing to worry about. It is important to wear a mask even if you are fully vaccinated and avoid large gatherings as much as possible, especially if you aren’t vaccinated. Sanitize and disinfect items that are brought in from outside. But the most important thing is to get the vaccination done as soon as possible.

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