Long term effects of Covid-19

Most of us have heard of people getting severely affected by Covid-19, but have you heard of something called post-Covid-19 syndrome? These are nothing but the ‘Long Haulers’ on long-term effects of Covid-19.


Most people affected by Covid-19 recover within a few weeks, but some people even those who have had mild versions of the disease tend to continue to have symptoms even after the initial recovery. These symptoms persist for months and can sometimes create new problems for the patient. The virus can damage the lungs, brain, and heart which increases the risk of long-term problems. But it is important to know that the covid-19 virus will no longer be present in our body and if tested the patient might be negative, but the symptoms will remain for some time.

What causes these long-term effects of covid-19 or so called ‘post-COVID syndrome’?

It is evident that patients with certain risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and other major problems are more susceptible to have a serious bout of Covid-19, but unfortunately, there isn’t any clear link between these risk factors and the long-term problems. Researchers are yet to throw more light on why these health problems persist in some people.

What are the long-term effects of Covid-19 infection?

The most common lasting symptoms include

  • Fatigue, breathlessness, cough, joint pain, and chest pain.

  • Memory or sleep problems, depression, muscle pain, headache, and rapid heartbeat. 

  • Loss of smell or taste, Fever, dizziness when u stand and symptoms can worsen after physical or mental activities 

  1. Lung-related problems after Covid-19 There can be persistent shortness of breath that may increase after even slight exertion or they can be major permanent problems in the lungs. It can take months for a person’s lung function to return to pre-covid-19 levels. To increase the rate of recovery breathing exercises and yoga can help.

2.Heart-related problems after Covid-19– More than 60% of the people who recovered from covid-19 experience inflammation of the heart muscle that results in breathlessness, palpitations, and rapid heartbeat. People with ongoing heart problems are supposed to be more careful and have regular checkups with their doctors.

3. Mental health issues after Covid-19- Mental health problems post Covid-19 are the most prevalent. People are often left with feelings of anxiety, depression and are unable to move ahead in life. Most people are known to have lost their jobs, financial security, and their loved ones along with good health. 

Some patients, especially those that had to be put into the intensive care unit (ICU) take more time and face a higher risk for problems with mental health and physical recovery. You will be surprised to know that some people even have hallucinations where there believe that medical providers are trying to harm them. 


More Information on Covid-19 long-term effects is yet to be found

Covid-19 was first identified in December 2019, we have learned a lot since then but there is a lot more to learn, and our understanding of the virus and Covid-19 is evolving by the day. Experts are learning more about why the virus affects different people in different ways and for now, all we as citizens can do is take care of ourselves and the people around us. Together we can get this world back to normal.


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