Things to keep in mind when planning a trip to the UK


Pre-Covid, before planning a trip to the  UK, you should make sure you have your list of itinerary planned, money budget, places to visit, and countless people to meet. Well, ever since covid things have changed drastically, and now planning a trip to the UK would need you to jot down a few more important things such as testing requirements, vaccination, quarantine, etc. 

Planning a Trip to the UK 

To prevent any hassles during traveling we have compiled a Checklist for you to keep in mind before booking your flight to the UK. 

1.Entry and Visa 

The requirement of having a visa depends on the country you come from. All travelers do not necessarily need a visa to enter the UK but a valid passport is mandatory. 

Reasons to enter the UK as a standard visit0r:

  • Tourist or visiting family or friends
  • Study-related events such as college students 
  • Business-related events
  • Medical treatment
  • Exchange program 

You are required to meet the eligibility in order to be a standard visitor. Do check online for further details regarding the documents required for your travel.

The following steps will also apply if you are a British citizen traveling within the UK. 

2. Vaccination 

Being fully vaccinated is a BIG plus point for you in the UK as you are exempted from a few restrictions.  But it is important to know that only vaccines that are approved by the UK government are approved and exempted from the restrictions. 

The list of approved vaccines are as follows:

  • Oxford/AstraZeneca
  • Pfizer BioNTech
  • Moderna
  • Janssen

AstraZeneca Covishield, AstraZeneca Vaxzevria, and Moderna Takeda are also approved vaccines.

Note: You must make sure that 14 days are over since you took the vaccine and the day you took the vaccine does not count as the first day.

Check the different requirements if you are fully vaccinated or if you are Not fully vaccinated on the official UK Govt website.

3. Quarantine 

The Quarantine rules vary for different countries and vary if you are vaccinated or not. According to the new rules starting from Oct 4th, 2021, the Green and Amber list of countries is clubbed as one, and quarantine for travelers coming from these countries is not required. If you are traveling from a Red List county then 10 days quarantine is mandatory. 

To know more about the testing and quarantine requirements, visit UK new travel rules.

4. When to visit?

This doesn’t seem like an important question but it actually is. Knowing the right time to visit the UK is very important. If you have already chosen a date make sure the check the weather conditions at that time. Doing some proper research beforehand.

5. Itinerary 

Having a detailed and time-based itinerary will definitely help you on your trip. With all the new restrictions it might not be possible to stick to it but having one at hand would make your stay easier and calmer. If you are a tourist, there are many beautiful destinations to visit in the UK. You can also check out the link below for some of the places you can visit in the UK.

More than anything, make sure you take care of yourself, and even though it might feel like the pandemic is over, it is important to wear your mask and always sanitize your hands as and when possible. 

For RT-PCR testing or Rapid Antigen Testing for traveling, visit Healthyaa.

Happy Travelling! 


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